Race Info for Sprint Triathlon

Saturday 19th August 2017 – 5:00pm

Please read this information carefully as it contains some key information regarding your race. Any last minute amendments to the race information will be published here on the event website.



The event will take place at the Castle Green, Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, NE69 7DF. There will be many competitors visiting Bamburgh for the event and with limited street parking available we are advising all competitors to use the EVENT CAR PARK where a substantial amount of additional parking has been made available in the village next to St Aiden’s Church. The parking fee is £3 for all day parking and it is a 2 minute walk from the race venue. The car park will be well signposted, as you arrive into Bamburgh follow the signs for ‘EVENT PARKING’. Please avoid parking curbside in the village to prevent congestion during the race as this forms part of the bike course.



When you arrive on site follow the signs to REGISTRATION.

Please ensure that you find a safe place to rest your bike while you register as you cannot enter Transition until you have your registration pack.

If you registered for the race as a BTF member, you will be required to show your licence at registration. If you do not have your licence with you, you will be required to purchase a day licence for £5. If you registered as a non-member then you will have pre-paid for your day licence when you registered. Your licence includes 3rd party insurance for the event.

Please check you have received the following items before leaving registration:

  • Your Race Timing Chip and strap – please ensure that this is attached to your LEFT ankle prior to the race start. No chip, no time!

  • 2 Race numbers – displayed on your back for the bike phase and on your front for the run. If you are using a number belt, you will only need one number.

  • 2 Bike Numbers. Stick one to the front of your helmet and the other onto your bike so that it is clearly visible.

  • Your event t-shirt if you pre-paid for one.



There no changing facilities. The cricket pavilion is for event officials only. Toilets are provided as portaloos. If you need to deposit a bag for collection after the race there will be a designated BAG DROP area within the transition area. Please deposit all bags here as this helps improve safety by keeping the Transition area clear. This area is manned by event staff, but please be aware that bags will be left at your own risk, and that the event organisers will not take responsibility for your belongings that you leave here.



Access to Transition will only be given to competitors. Before you enter, please ensure that you have your bike number and helmet sticker attached. We’d also recommend you wear your race timing chip straight away, this saves routing through your kit bag trying to find it 5 minutes before race start!

Once in Transition, head to your racking position according to your race number.  After you have placed your bike, helmet and run equipment, please remember to deposit any bags in the BAG DROP area.

Transition will close immediately after the Race Director has given the race brief, so please make sure that your bike & equipment are setup before the brief.



This will take place next to the Pavilion. It is compulsory to attend the briefing as all safety notices will be issued here together with any course amendments. The Race Director and Race Official will talk you through the course and the race rules. It is also your chance to ask any questions you may have regarding the event.

If at any time after you have registered you decide to withdraw from the race, please notify a marshal or advise the race director. This is especially important if you withdraw at any time during the swim phase.

It is the responsibility of competitors to do their own continuous Risk Assessment of the course and to be responsible for their own safety.



The race is governed by BTF Race Officials. Visit British Triathlon for all rules and regulations. A list of the key rules can be found here.


This year the race will feature wave starts, so please read the following information:

SWIM  750M

WETSUITS ARE COMPULSORY. This year’s race will feature wave starts consisting of approximately 100 competitors per wave. You will be allocated a wave start time that is based on your estimated swim time for 750m that you submitted. There will be a 15 minute separation between each wave. You must start the race in your allocated wave, as your race timings will be based on the start time of your wave.

The swim course consists of 1 lap of a 750m course. The course will be clearly marked by buoys and there will be a water safety team consisting of kayaks, paddle boards and rescue boats. We recommend that you immerse yourself in the water prior to the race start to familiarize yourself with the conditions and water temperature.

If you get into difficulty during the swim please turn on your back and raise one hand in the air and a kayak will come to you and if necessary arrange for a safety boat to take you to the shore. Please do not swim if you feel unwell or are recovering from a virus or infection – seek advice from your GP.

In the unlikely event that conditions do not allow the swim to take place, the race will be run as a duathlon, run-bike-run event.

Swim hats are compulsory.



On exiting the sea at the end of the swim, there is an approximate 400 metre run up to T1.

Once in transition, you must secure your helmet strap before removing your bike from the rack and it must not be undone until your bike is replaced on the rack after finishing the bike section.

RELAY TEAMS – Your timing chip acts like a relay baton. Your swimmer must remove the race-timing chip and pass it to your bike competitor who must securely fasten it around their ankle before removing the bike from the racking. Bike competitors will be allowed to have their helmets fastened in Transition 1 prior their swimmer arriving.

After you exit T1, walk/run your bike up the path in front of Bamburgh Castle to the BIKE MOUNT LINE that will be marshaled and clearly marked.



The course is a simple out and back 20km route and offers stunning view across Budle Bay to Holy Island. The route will be clearly sign posted.

At 10km there is a turnaround point where you must cross the designated line before making a U turn. This point will be marshaled, but please take extreme care when making your turn and note that the marshals do not have the authority to slow or stop the traffic. The road is quiet & you are unlikely to experience any traffic after departing Bamburgh village, however if as you approach the turnaround line there is an oncoming vehicle, the marshal may indicate to you to pull over to the side to give way. This will be for your safety, so please follow their instruction.

A course map is available from the website or by following this link.

Make sure you know the route. It is your responsibility to navigate the course successfully and safely. The race is held on open roads so please obey the highway code at all times and please note that marshals do not have authority to stop traffic, so please take care at junctions.

CYCLE RULES – This is a NON DRAFTING race. Drafting will be penalised accordingly. You must maintain a gap of 10 metres between yourself and the cyclist in front. On deciding to make a pass you have 30 seconds to complete the manoeuvre. Once your front wheel has passed the other riders front wheel it is the overtaken riders responsibility to drop back out of the draft zone 10 metres behind. If you are not overtaking please keep to the left hand side of the road to allow faster competitors to pass. Do not cross the centre white lines. Side by side riding is forbidden. More details on drafting can be found here.



After completing the bike course, follow the signs to the DISMOUNT LINE and run/walk your bike into T2 to your numbered racking spot – do not unfasten your helmet until your bike is securely racked or you will be penalised.

RELAY TEAMS – Your bike competitor must first rack their bike, then remove the race timing chip and and pass it to your run competitor who must securely fasten it to their ankle before they exit Transition 2.

Before exiting T2 onto the run course, make sure that your race number is displayed on your front.



The run is 5km and follows a similar route to the middle distance event but is obviously much shorter. Please familiarise yourself withe map displayed at registration. There will be signs and marshals who will keep you right but it is up to you to make sure you are familiar with the route. Please be aware of any pedestrians, as it is a public area. Approaching the finish, you will be guided into a chute to the finish line in front of Bamburgh Castle (what a view!).



Immediately after crossing the finish line please remove your timing chip for collection at the finish line. Once the entire race has concluded you will be able to collect your bike and equipment from Transition. Please note that we cannot give access into Transition while the race is still in progress. For security reasons, to retrieve your bike and equipment you will need to present your race number to the marshal at the exit to Transition.

This year there are no changing facilities in the Pavilion Clubhouse please note this area is for official use only.

The race presentations will take place next to the stage after the race is complete.