Junior Triathlons

When: Sunday 19th August 2018 – 3pm for Tri Star 1
Where: Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland.
Entry Fee: £20 BT Member – £23 non BT member (includes race t-shirt)
Status: Online Entry Now Open!


Following the success of the inaugural Castles Challenge Junior Triathlons held for the first time in 2012, this event is now to become a permanent fixture for the Castles Challenge Triathlon series. The events features a sea swim, followed by a cycle and run on grass. This is a fantastic opportunity for junior triathletes to experience competing in an event with an open water sea swim with full safety cover.

There will be food, drinks & entertainment throughout the day.

There is a distance of approximately 300m from the exit of the swim to Transition, so the length of the run courses have been adjusted to reflect this long transition. For the younger competitors taking part, parents/guardians/adults may accompany (but not assist) the competitors from the exit of the swim up to the entrance of Transition. Wetsuits are compulsory.

TRISTAR 1 (9/10) – Swim 150m / Cycle 1.5km / Run 1km

TRISTAR 2 (11/12) – Swim 200m / Cycle 3km / Run 1.5km

TRISTAR 3 (13/14) – Swim 300m / Cycle 5km / Run 2km

YOUTH CATEGORY (15/16) are invited to enter the Sprint Triathlon taking place after the Junior races.

PLEASE NOTE: You will start the race according to your age on 31st December in the year in which the event takes place.  For example if you are 10 years old on race day, but 11 by the end of the year, you will be racing as an 11 year old (Tristar 2).